Here’s a guide to choosing between different makes, models, and varieties of garage door openers, as prepared by the expert Southern California garage door installation and Inland Empire garage door opener technicians here at Garage Door Stars.

Belt drive garage door openers

Belt drive garage door opener is a Harley popular due to their quiet operation. Belt drive garage door opener’s operate with a rubber belt that is very similar to the timing belt inside automobiles. This belt lifts and lowers the garage door. One major special feature of belt driven garage door openers is:

Quiet operation – Bell Drive openers operate very quietly. The rubber belt is designed very quietly and smoothly to move, making it a fantastic option for those who have bedrooms next to or above your garage.

Chain drive garage door openers

Change drive, garage door openers have been used for much longer, and provide fantastic tour Bility. They utilize a metal chain, very similar to a bicycle chain, which runs along a sprocket in order to raise and lower the garage door. Chain drive garage door openers have the benefits of:
Durability – chain drive garage door openers are highly durable and can easily handle incredibly large garage doors. They are ideal for homes where businesses that are very large have garage doors, including industrial garage doors.
Consistent Performance – chain drive garage door openers are ideal for constant performance. This makes them a very popular form of garage door opener in industrial settings, allowing the door to cycle through many open and close cycles without seriously degrading the garage door opener mechanics.

Screw drive garage door openers

These garage door openers are very simple and reliable. They utilize a steel rod with a resident, often called a screw due to its appearance, in order to move the garage door up and down. Benefits of screw drive garage door openers include:
Easy Maintenance – screw drive garage door openers need very little maintenance. They are very straightforward and long lasting design that requires very little maintenance
Reliability – screw drive garage door opener’s are highly reliable, and are less prone to malfunctioning

What are some factors that I should consider when choosing the right garage door opener for me?

To start, consult with a member of our professional garage door opener installation team for their expert advice as to the best garage door opener for your unique needs. In addition, make sure to mention any concerns that you have about the particular, climate and weather that your garage door will be exposed to, your specific noise tolerance, the size and weight of the garage door that you have, whether you have any particular, maintenance, preferences, or requirements, the speed that you care about your garage door to operate with, any special security features like smart phone, connectivity and rolling, coal technology that you would like to have in place, as well as your specific budget. Our expert garage door technicians will do their very best to ensure that we provide you with a specific garage door opener, make, model, tape, and horsepower to serve your very specific needs.

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