Are you looking for a reliable garage door repair service for your house?, You’re at the right place. We are Garage Door Star, and we repair garage door, with quality replacements, years of experience, and a kind customer service. Want to become one of our loyal customers? Read further about our Garage Door Repair services, and make a call or send a form so we can know your garage door repair request and be on it ASAP!

Garage door sensors repair

One of the most common issues with garage doors is some fault with the sensors, it may be just dirt on the sensors that needs cleaning, but if the sensors aren’t working correctly, you are looking at a dangerous situation that can be easily avoided with the replacement or repair of those sensors. If your garage door doesn’t seem to work correctly, call us to evaluate and repair the issue.

Garage door hinges, drums, brackets and panels repair

Sometimes a garage door just needs a little love, and not a whole replacement. You can save a lot of money by repairing your garage door instead of replacing it, if it can be done, and in many cases, it can. First we need to evaluate the issue and see if there are parts that can be replaced on the garage door that don’t require the whole garage door being replaced. Call us for more info.

Garage door weather seal replacement

Rubber and sealing will do a good job while they aren’t dry. If you have an old garage door, or you have some damage to the weather sealing, the cold or heat will get inside your garage door and then in your house, this means that whatever temperature you’re trying to avoid, will get in without the proper sealing of your garage door. If you’re experiencing poor isolation, you may need to replace your weather sealing, to keep the breeze out, call us.

Garage door service / maintenance

It’s wise to maintain your garage door periodically, so it doesn’t fail and surprise you. The maintenance of a garage door can cost a few dollars here and there, but it will cost a lot less than having the door or opener replaced because of poor maintenance. Call us for more information on how to maintain your garage door.

Garage door opener repair / installation

Looking for a good deal on a new garage door opener?, Or perhaps you already bought the opener and you need it installed by a professional? We’re here for you. For repair or installation, call us.

New garage door installation & haul away

Nothing looks better on a house than a new garage door that is equipped with the latest modern garage door opener model, choose your door from a catalog and call us for a quick installation.

Garage door spring / cable repair / repalcement

Moving parts on your garage door sometimes need to be replaced, if you have a broken Spring, or a cable that needs to be fixed or replaced, let us know.

Garage door off track repair

It’s never fun when you’re garage door goes off track, but the fix will be quick and painless, just call us for a quick quote and consider the door – in place.

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