In this blog entry, the professional Inland Empire and San Bernardino area garage door service experts here at Garage Door Star will detail the main signs that indicate your garage door needs repair service as soon as possible.

Damaged Garage Tracks

This is one of the most common issues that are seen with residential garage doors. garage door tracks help guide the garage doors movement when it opens or closes. Over time, garage door tracks can become bent, misaligned, or even fully detached from the wall. if your garage door is making loud scraping sounds or is visibly shaking when it operates it’s likely due to damaged garage door tracks. if you can see gaps between the garage door rollers or the tracks, or if the door stops during the process of moving on the track, the track is likely damaged. damaged garage door tracks impact how your garage door functions, but is also very dangerous. Bent  or misaligned garage door tracks can cause a garage door to suddenly drop or only partially open.

Spring Issues

When garage door springs are bent or broken the garage door can sag or open unevenly. This might make it very difficult to manually lift the door, or cause loud banging sounds when the door is opening or closing. If your garage suddenly seems much heavier while you’re opening it, or if you notice that any Springs are visibly worn out or snapped, you need to call a garage door repair expert as soon as possible. It is never a good idea to attempt to repair or replace your garage door springs by yourself, as it can cause even further damage to your garage door, or pose serious danger to you. garage door springs operate under an immense amount of pressure, and you really don’t want one snapping off in your direction.

Loud Garage Door Openers

Another issue that’s commonly seen is when garage door openers are extremely heavy or make a lot of noise while it operates. if you’re noticing that it requires extra effort to operate the garage door opener, or if the garage door opener is making scraping, grinding, or rattling sounds, it’s likely due to a serious issue with the garage door motor or other mechanical aspects of the garage door opener system. a garage door opener might be struggling to fully lift the garage door weight,  which strains the mechanics of the entire system.

How can I inspect my home garage door for issues?

  • Inspect the interior and exterior of your garage door for any signs of damage, wear and tear, or misaligned mechanics. 
  • Manually inspect your garage door components. Open and close the garage door multiple times and pay attention to its movement or if it’s making weird sounds. Pay attention to if the garage door is operating smoothie and aligned to its tracks.
  • Inspect the condition of garage door springs, cables, hinges, and rollers, for any signs of rust, frame, loose parts, or general wear and tear.
  •  inspect garage safety features. make sure the garage photo eye sensors are properly working and positioned in an aligned way.
  •  look for external damage on the garage caused by bad weather, impacts, or general wear.
  •  look for any dents, warping, or cracks on the garage door panels.
  •  inspect the finish and paint of your garage door for any signs of shipping, peeling, or sun fading.
  • Make sure that your garage weatherstrippng is intact and doesn’t have any gaps or wear.

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