In this blog entry, the professional San Bernardino garage door installation team here at Garage Door Stars will detail the main differences to know between wood garage doors and metal garage doors.

Wooden garage door pros

  • Style – wooden garage doors provide an elegant and rustic appearance that can enhance the curb appeal of your home. What has a particular worms that many homeowner is fine, aesthetically pleasing, and superior to all other garage constructions
  • Customization options- what provides many options for customization, with many types of wood, would staining, and Wood grain styles to meet your specific preferences, and the architectural style of your property
  • Insulation – wooden garage doors provide superior natural insulation compared to metal garage doors. This may help regulate the temperature inside your garage making it a more comfortable space for you.


Wooden garage door cons

  • Maintenance requirements – wooden garage doors require regular maintenance in order to prevent weathering, writing, warping, and even termites. If you fail to perform regular maintenance for your wooden garage door, you can cause it to prematurely deteriorate. Wooden garage doors are considered more high maintenance and other garage door materials.
  • Lower durability – wooden garage doors can last a very long time when they are properly cared for, but they are not as strong as metal garage doors when exposed to extreme weather, like rain or wind.
  • Price – wooden garage door is usually cost more than metal garage doors, which can sometimes to tear homeowners who are on a tight budget


Metal garage door pros

  • Heightened durability – metal garage doors provide fantastic durability. Strong materials, like steel, aluminum, help metal garage doors with stand, even the most challenging weather conditions, resisting, right, working, and denting.
  • Easy maintenance – metal garage doors require very little maintenance. Metal garage doors require less maintenance and wouldn’t require regular painting or staining. It’s very easy to clean metal garage doors, usually only requiring wiping them down with a damp cloth.
  • High security – metal garage doors provide enhanced security, making them a very popular choice for homeowners business owners, and industrial property managers alike


Metal garage door cons

  • Scratching – Metal garage doors are durable, but they can be easily scratched, especially when they experience impacts. The scratches both affect the appearance of the garage door, but can also lead to increased rust overtime if they are not dealt with
  • Coldness – While there are many different color and design choices that are available for metal garage doors, some people might find that metal garage doors seriously lack the charm and warmth that wooden garage doors convey. Metal garage doors might not be the best aesthetic match for the façade of every home or business.
  • Insulation – Metal garage doors are less effective at insulation and wooden garage doors. This can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable environment inside your garage, and might even increase your energy bills, especially if your property is directly connected to your garage. However, they said she can be easily and affordably medicated by opting to install metal garage doors that are insulated in order to provide temperature control


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