In this blog entry, our expert Inland Empire broken garage door spring repair service and Inland Empire garage door repair service team will detail exactly what to do if you notice a broken spring in your garage door.

What occurs when garage springs break?

When garage door springs break, it renders the garage door unable to normally operate. Signs of broken garage door springs include:

  • Garage door opener motors running but doors not moving
  • Garage door openers are failing to lift the garage door
  • The spring made a loud popping sound
  • The garage is operating off of it’s tracks

Can garage doors open with a broken spring?

Sometimes garage doors can open even with a broken

Garage door star garage door repair upland California
Garage door star garage door repair upland California

spring, but will require manual movement. However, using your garage door like this will likely wear the motor out, as the broken spring makes the garage door much heavier. Don’t attempt to open your garage door if it has a broken spring. 

If you have to open your garage door to get your car out, and the garage door has a broken spring, follow this advice:

  • Keep your back, fingers, and feet away from the door. Avoid pinch points and that your feet aren’t under the garage door
  • Lift the garage door from the center and keep it fully level a the door goes up
  • Don’t pull or push on garage door panels, which can cause them to bend
  • Keep the door level when open, as it will not stay open without support
  • Shut the garage door right away after removing your car – do not keep it open

How can I open my garage door with a broken spring?

  1. Disengage the opener from the door. Pull the rope attached to the J-arm on the garage door opener until the mechanism unlatches.
  2. Ask someone to help you to open the door as it will be extremely heavy
  3. Lift up the door until it safely settles down on the horizontal rails
  4. Don’t try to open the garage door yourself if it is too heavy to move

How can I close a garage door with a broken spring?

  1. Slowly move the garage door down to move it away from where it is resting on the horizontal rails
  2. With assistance, slowly move the garage door down until it reaches the bottom of the floor
  3. Then, re-engage the garage door opener
  4. NEVER let the garage door crash down, as this poses a big safety risk while also likely can damage further parts of your garage door
We recommend only allowing a professional – like the expert garage door repair team here at Garage Door Starts – to handle any form of issue involving a broken garage door spring.

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