Here’s a guide from our expert Inland Empire garage door installation service team describing how installing a brand new garage door (or even updating your existing garage door) can help increase the curb appeal and home value of your property!

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

A brand new garage door with insulation provides superior energy efficiency to older doors. They can help you save on your yearly heating and cooling bills by making your garage more airtight and reducing air transfer. Our team installs garage doors only with the optimal, precise fit to ensure your ability to control your climate.

Heightened Security

Modern garage doors come with a range of superior security and safety features that allow you to directly access your home, along with all valuables and vehicles that you store inside it.

Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA
Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA

 Modern garages are made from strong and durable materials, and often come with a range of high-tech safety features that prevent strangers from gaining access.

Curb Appeal Improvements

Garages might make up thirty percent or more of your street-facing home exterior. When you have a garage door that’s matched to the aesthetic and style of your home, you can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal, making your home more attractive and even increasing its monetary value.

Home Value Increases

Brand new garage doors are much more quiet and smoothly operating than older doors, and can have their appearance custom-tailored to match your home’s exterior. Brand new garage doors are meant to flow well with your home aesthetic, and often come with contemporary security measures – both of which factor into your general home price estimate. If you are considering selling your home at any point down the line, you can very easily improve your home value by installing a brand new garage. Contact Garage Door Star for all of your San Bernardinogarage door installation needs – as well as for garage door services anywhere in the Inland Empire region.

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