Here’s a guide to the main differences between rolling steel garage doors and sectional steel garage doors as provided by the professional Inland Empire garage installation service (and San Bernardino garage installation service) team here at Garage Door Stars.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

These garage doors are ideal for commercial properties, and are often called roll up garage doors, coiling garage doors, or overhead garage doors.

sectional steel garage door
sectional steel garage door

They can be used in both building interiors and exteriors, are highly versatile, easy to maintain, and attractive looking – as well as very easy to maintain.

Rolling steel garage doors have multiple layers of protection and security, and can come with high quality locks to even further increase security. They are constructed out of powerful and durable materials that can last through years of heavy usage, including exposure to rust, corrosion, and extreme weather.

Rolling steel garage doors can also be installed with layers of foam insulation that help reduce heat and cold air transfer, as well as providing sound insulation.

We recommend installation of fire rated roll up garage doors that help to protect against the risk of fire by automatically rolling down when their special sensors detect smoke.

Sectional Steel Garage Doors

This incredibly popular type of garage door is often installed in residential settings. Sectional steel garage doors have wider panels than rolling steel garage doors, and generally rest parallel to the ceiling when opened. Sectional steel garage doors are highly customizable and versatile, with possibilities for installing insulation, alarms, widows, or other hardware. 

Ask your professional garage installation technicians for assistance in deciding what form of garage door to install at your California property.

What are the main things I should consider when choosing between models of rolling steel garage doors or sectional steel garage doors?

To start, consider what type of performance strength you require in your garage door. Some heavy duty garage doors can last to extreme efficiency, opening and closing thousands and thousands of times before wearing down. 

Rolling steel garage doors usually provide stronger performance levels than sectional steel garage doors. However, if you don’t have tons of traffic coming in and out of your garage constantly, you might be better served with a quality, reliable, and more affordable garage door that provides medium duty performance.

Secondly, begin to consider how much physical space your property has to install your garage door. Generally, steel sectional garage doors take up somewhat more overhead space than rolling garage doors, and may be the best choice for those with small garages or garages with low ceilings.

Take all nearby hardware and architecture into consideration including lighting, shelving, HVAC vents, and fire sprinklers. If your garage has limited space, overhead rolling doors are probably the best bet. If your garage has unique opening measurements, you might need a non-standard garage door.

It’s essential to be 100% specific with dimension measurements. Remember, that even existing steel sectional or rolling garage doors can be modified (to realistic limits). Generally, rolling steel garage doors provide more ideal fits for openings with strange dimensions.

Then, consider the cost of your garage door. Steel sectional doors are usually cheaper than rolling steel garage doors (since they are constructed out of single piece). However, the initial price shouldn’t be the only budgetary consideration.

You might want to invest in a more expensive garage door that will last longer and need less maintenance, as this will end up saving you more money in the long run.

Lastly, consider maintenance and security needs. Sectional steel garage doors (despite being made forma  single piece of metal) havemore installation and mounting hardware than rolling steel garage doors. 

Because of this (the increased number of exposed parts that sectional steel garage doors have), rolling steel garage doors degrade somewhat slower over time, and have more springs that get coated with lubricant that protest against rust, corrosion, and issues from cold weather. 

Rolling steel garage doors are also somewhat safer due to their lower number of exposed parts. However, all garage doors should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are safe and secure.

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