Is your garage door making a ton of noise? In this blog entry, the San Bernardino garage repair service here at Garage Door Stars will detail the top causes of noisy and loud garage door operation.

Loose Garage Door Hardware

Regular usage and steady vibration can make garage door nuts, bolts, and fasteners to get loose. This will cause the door to make a rolling or banging sound when opening. We recommend regularly inspecting and tightening all garage door hardware including hinges, track supports, and roller brackets.

Worn Out Garage Rollers

Over time, garage door rollers can wear down or become damaged, causing friction and loud operation. 

New garage door openers Garage door star
New garage door openers Garage door star

Inspect your garage door rollers for signs of wear and tear and replace them when necessary to eliminate your loud garage door operation. We recommend upgrading to nylon rollers which are far quieter and more durable as compared to metal garage rollers.

Improper Garage Door Lubrication

If your garage door components are not properly lubricated, they can cause loud grinding or squeaking sounds as they accumulate friction-causing debris, dirt, or dust. Regularly lubricate garage door tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs with silicone or lithium based lubricant to keep your garage door quietly operating.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Misaligned garage door tracks – like tracks that have gotten bent or twisted – can cause a garage door to make scraping or rubbing sounds as it moves along the garage door track. Carefully inspect your garage door tracks for signs of damage or misalignment. Sometimes you can gently tap the track back into place using a rubber mallet. If the track is seriously dented or broken you might need professional repair or replacement to restore the quiet operation of your garage door.

Tension Spring Problems

Tension springs work to counterbalance the garage door weight so that it becomes easy to open or close. When tension springs are worn out or damaged they can make loud snapping or creaking sounds when the garage door is in operation. Amateurs should NEVER attempt to handle tension springs, as they operate under extremely high pressure and can be exceedingly dangerous to adjust. ONLY allow a professional California garage door repair service team like ours to repair or replace your tension springs.

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