Here’s a guide to Southern California garage door maintenance basics, as prepared by the professional Southern California garage door repair and garage door opener repair technicians here at Garage Door Stars.

Regular Garage Door Lubrication

Make sure to oil and lubricate all moving parts of your garage door every few months. Make sure to lubricate your garage door chain, springs, rollers, and hinges. This reduces the risk of damage, ensures optimal functioning, and lowers the chances of future repairs. Make sure to only use an approved garage lubricant. Don’t use WD40 on your garage door parts, as it can cause them to rust and wear. Apply lubricant with a brush to better get into all cracks and crevices, and wipe up excess fluid with a clean rag.

Cleaning Garages

Weather  issues like acid rain, strong winds, or storms – or even just hot weather – can damage garages over time.

Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA
Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA

 They can cause dust or grease to impact the garage door frame, the joints, or even woodwork, degrading its appearance. Periodically wash your garage door with a hose. We recommend cleaning your garage with a vinegar and dish soap rinse, using a brush to get into the crevices. Avoid using strong detergents that can harm your garage door.

Painting, Staining, Glazing, and Finishing

Make sure to refinish wooden garage doors once a year in order to seal out salt, water, UV rays, and other degrading particulate matter. After cleaning your garage door, sand it, and then clean again. Apply stains like a coat of paint. It’s best to stain or glaze garages on humid or cloudy days, as it dries fast. After the glaze dries, apply a finish. Spreading the clear finish on the door does create a smooth and shiny appearance. Try to use the door as little as possible the first few days after doing so in order to allow the substances to cure.

Garage Door Testing

Test your garage door for issues. Open and close the garage door using your automatic opener. Pay attention to if you hear any rattling or creaking. Then release the opener and manually raise and lower it. Check the garage door balance. Does the garage door hang on one side? Does it go up and down easily? If you notice any balance issues or other problems, contact a professional garage door repair expert for assistance.

Professional Garage Door Inspection

Contact a professional garage door inspection team to conduct a professional garage door assessment. Our team will test your garage door functionality and tell you if any garage springs, cables, or rollers have to be replaced. This way you can stay up to date on repairs, avoiding more serious damage or potential emergencies down the line.

Smart Garage Door Openers

We recommend installing a smart garage door opener. These can help you by automatically alerting you if the garage is left open for a while, for example, after you went to work. Smart garage door openers allow you to automatically control your garage door from any location, whether you realize it’s accidentally left open – are wondering if you have left it open – or if you need to let your children or delivery people into your garage. ContactGarage Door Stars for assistance with all of your garage door opener installation needs.

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