In this blog entry, the professional San Bernardino garage door service team here at Garage Door Stars California will detail some useful and essential tips for regular garage door maintenance that you can perform to keep your Southern California garage door operating in top shape for many years into the future.

Periodic Door Inspection

Pay close attention to your garage door to spot potential issues before they pop up. Try manually and automatically opening and closing your garage door. Pay attention to whether it’s running smoothly or making loud noises or banging around. Make sure the garage door isn’t sticking or operating in a jerky fashion. When manually opening the garage door pay attention to if it feels heavier than usual or if you see other visual or auditory signs that the door is amiss.

Clearing Garage Door Tracks

Keep your garage door tracks clear to make sure that your overhead garage door stays in good shape.

Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA
Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA

Over time, dirt and debris can collect on garage door tracks, causing blockages and door malfunctions. Brush debris from garage tracks and use a damp rag to wipe it from the surface. Just make sure to only let professionals do serious adjustments to your garage door.

Tightening Garage Door Hardware

With regular use, garage door hardware like nuts and bolts can loosen over time. Using a socket wrench and a screwdriver, tighten bolts, roller brackets, and nuts – just make sure not to tighten it too much, as this can also cause serious damage. DON’T tighten any hardware painted red on the bottom roller fixture, as this can cause serious and dangerous issues.

Cable and Roller Inspection

Inspect cables visually for fraying, tearing, and other damage. Don’t try to adjust or repair cables yourself. Only allow a professional garage door repair expert to work on your garage door cables. Rollers should also be inspected for cracks, chips, and wear, and replaced when necessary.

Garage Hardware Lubrication

Lubricate garage doors to assist with friction. This can seriously benefit issues like slow garage opening. Use special garage door mechanism lubricant to lubricate garage door springs, hinges, tracks, rollers, and garage door opener chains. DO NOT lubricate nylon rollers.

Weatherstripping Replacement

Replace cracked or brittle weatherstripping to help protect your garage from harsh weather coming indoors. This is best performed in the Spring or Autumn.

Garage Door Testing Balance

Close the garage door completely and then disconnect the garage opener by pulling the release handle. Then manually lift the garage door so it sits halfway open, and then let go. If the door is balanced, it will stay in a half open position. If your garage door doesn’t stay in place, it indicates a cable or spring problem. Have ONLY a professional come to assess the condition of your garage door cables and/or springs AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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