In this blog entry, our professional garage door installation and garage door maintenance service team will illustrate the main differences between manual garage doors and automatic garage doors.

Benefits of Manual Garage Doors

Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA
Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA
Manual garage doors are commonly found on historic homes or older detached garages. They are either a tilting single panel or double-hinged panel that have extension springs on both sides. They are operated by lifting and lowering the overhead doors with your hands. Manual garage doors are lower maintenance than garage doors with automatic openers. They have less parts and less mechanical infrastructure, and are thus less likely to corrode or break down. Maintenance essentially consists of lubrication and bolt tightening. Less parts will equal easier garage door installation, even if what you need is a brand new manual garage door. With manual garage doors, power outages won’t affect your garage door at all.

Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

  1. Automatic garage doors are highly convenient. Very few people want to leave their car, manually lift the garage door, and get back in their car if it’s bad weather or late at night – especially if there’s kids around automatic garage doors can be automatically operated while you’re still in your car.
  2. Automatic garage doors have automatic lights, allowing you to easily see when pulling into or out of your garage at night.
  3. Smart garage door openers have unique safety and security features like remote operation and the ability to be easily integrated into your home security system. Manual garage doors are much easier to break into as well – and automatic garage doors have far superior security!

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