In this blog entry, the professional California garage door service and San Bernadino County garage door repair experts here at Garage Door Star will detail the most common reasons that garage doors have issues closing.

Why is my garage door not closing?

Transmitter Batteries are Dead

Garages use power from transmitters to both open and close the garage door. If your garage transmitter has dead batteries, it cannot ask the garage system to open or close the door. If your garage remote only sometimes works, the transmitter battery should be replaced. Check to see if you have a weak or dead transmitter battery by attempting to use the wall controls to close the garage door. If this works, try replacing your transmitter batteries.

Garage Door Star Opening Garage
Garage Door Star Opening Garage

Tracks are Damaged or Misalligned

Garage door weight can cause tracks to misallign over time. If your garage door tracks are not parallel, contact our professional garage door repair service ASAP. unbalanced and misalligned garage doors can cause damage or death if not addressed. Warped or bent garage tracks can also prevent doors from closing you might need to install new tracks on your garage.

Sensor Obstruction

Photo eye sensors on either side of the garage door send signals to eachother when the door closes to prevent it from closing on an object or person. Dirty sensors block this signal, preventing the door from closing. Wipe off dirty or smudged sensors. The sensors could also be misalligned. Sensors need to perfectly face eachother to operate. Try adjusting the sensors to reallign them. Pay attention to if sunlight, glare, or any objects are blocking the sensors.

Broken Cables or Springs

Tension springs and cables allow your garage door to smoothly and easily reach the ground. If these components are damaged, the garage door can DANGEROUSLY crash to the ground. The first sign of a broken garage door spring is a malfunctioning garage door. Contact our garage door repair team ASAP if you suspect broken garage door cables or springs, and do not try to operate the door yourself. In fact, avoid the garage until our team arrives.

Door Path is Obstructed

Dirt, leaves, stones, and other objects can block your garage door path. Make sure the car or any object isn’t blocking the door’s closing path. Even small items can stop your garage door from fully closing. We recommend installing weather stripping to stop small debris from entering your garage – while also keeping it insulated.

Disconnect Switch is Activated

The disconnect switch allows you to manually open and close the garage door in events like a blackout. Make sure that the disconnect switch is disabled, because if it is still activated, the garage door might be disengaged and prevented from moving.

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