In this blog entry, the Inland Empire garage installation service here at Garage Door Stars will detail the most important things to know about roll up garage door installation in Southern California.

What exactly is a roll up garage door?

roll up garage door
Roll up garage door

Roll up garage doors are made from sheets of aluminum or steel, usually around 22-24 inches wide, and usually 24-26 gauge. The steel is formed in a  roll complete with specific internal grooves, creating a single continuous sheet. The roll formed guides will vertically position these metal sheets, working to open and close the door.

When a roll up garage door opens, the metal sheets will wrap around a spring loaded shaft, moving into a small drum at the door frame’s upper half. This drum is compact, meaning that not much clearance will be necessary to install a roll up garage door.

Roll up garage doors can be purchased in light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty constructions. A light duty roll up door might be a yard shed roll up door, or a roll up door for a self storage warehouse. Higher security properties, from homes, to arehouses, might opt for a heavy duty garage door.

It’s common for roll up garage doors to get painted with silicone polyester paint to extend their longevity. We can assist you in choosing from a range of different colors that match the specific aesthetics of your property.

Roll Up Garage Door Pros

Roll up garage doors have long-lasting durability. Steel and aluminum last for many years and can survive heavy usage. Steel roll up garage doors are coated with zinc to protect from rust, or galvanized, and then finished with quality paint that provides protection as well as aesthetic benefits.

Roll up garage doors are highly secure and difficult to break into. Roll up garage doors protect from damage to a much higher degree than sectional garage doors – and can even be upgraded with a lock for added security.

Roll up garage doors can be upgraded with insulation to help keep interiors warmer in Winter and cooler in the Summer. This is ideal for warehouse settings or home garages that people use for additional purposes.

Roll up garage doors are available in fire-rated varieties, and are ideal for areas with limited space due to their low clearance needs.

What are the different types of roll up garage doors?

There’s a few different types of roll up garage doors. Light duty roll up garage doors are best for areas that don’t get worn that much and don’t require that much security. Examples include sheds, yard rooms, storage facilities, and recreational vehicle garages.

Medium duty roll up garage doors are also ideal for garages or warehouse spaces that don’t see tons of use, but still require security.

Heavy duty roll up garage doors are best for buildings or garages that are exposed to extreme weather or require robust security. These doors can withstand forced entry attempts, and extreme weather patterns like wind. Heavy duty garage doors also have stronger longevity even with regular use and lots of wear and tear.

Fire rated roll up garage doors protect from fire in a range of different ways. These doors have fire detection sensors that cause the door to roll shut at the first sign of fire, which can keep flames from spreading to other areas. These doors also have special flame and heat resistant construction that help to keep fire contained.

Insulated roll up garage doors help to keep the cooling and heating costs of your property down. They keep your garage at a more climate controlled steady temperature, can affect the temperature of nearby areas, and generally lower energy expenses.

What are some roll up garage door maintenance tips?

The best maintenance that you can provide you roll up garage door to ensure it has a long lifespan is to regularly clean the door with the proper cleaning solutions, to keep all wheels, springs, and hinges of the garage lubricated with the proper type of lubrication, and to have the garage door inspected by a professional garage door maintenance technician on at least an annual basis.

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