In this blog entry, the garage door installation in California experts here at Garage Door Stars will Detail everything that there is to know about garage door sizes, the best way to measure for garage doors, and the best ways to implement your creativity when designing your garage door for your California home or business space.

What are the different types of garage door sizes commonly used?

Single Car Garages

A single car garage door is vary in height usually. The usual standard single car garage door size is between 7 and 8 ft High to 8 and 10 ft wide. The size range usually depends on the home structure. This type of garage door size is best for cars, trucks, suvs, and vans.  Single car garages have a great range of customization options.

Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA
Garage Door Star Garage Door Repair And Installation CA

Multi-car Garages

You might have to build a double garage door that can house two vehicles. A double garage door usually has Dimensions that range between 7 to 8 ft High to 16 and 18 ft wide. taller cars can easily fit in multi-car garages and additional room in the garage can be used for storage or even living space.

RV Garage Doors

These oversized garage doors are meant to hold an RV or a larger vehicle. you might need to custom build your garage to accommodate vehicle sizes like this. These garage doors are usually 10 to 14 ft high and wide. standard single car double size garage doors will not be enough to fit rvs.

How exactly are you planning on using your garage?

Taking proper measurements for your garage door matters a lot whether you’re trying to use your garage for living space, creating a brand new garage door from scratch, or replacing your old garage door. you don’t want to buy a garage door and realize that it’s too large and small for your needs. 

This can be very stressful and expensive. It’s important to get a strong understanding of how you will use your garage door in order to determine exactly what size your garage door should be. 

Let’s say you want to separate rooms in your house with a garage door – in this case the garage door measurements will vary widely between sectional garage doors that are used for a standard garage. If you need assistance in deciding what kind of garage door is best for your property, ask our professional garage door installation team experts for assistance.

What are some creative ways to upgrade your garage door with unique Style or functionality?

There’s a wide range of creative options for garage door design. One major creative way to utilize garage doors is to switch out French doors that separate your Atrium or screened in porch with a glass garage door. 

This can invite a ton of natural light into your property and make a room feel much bigger. Garage doors are very energy efficient as well as weather resistant, and glass garage doors can be customized on size and material to match your existing home decor.

Garage doors can also be used to customize studio apartments. If you’ve purchased a grand floor studio apartment and you have an Open concept space that you’d like to illuminate, garage doors can Implement an industrial style that lets a ton of light in. 

They’re customizable to match your existing Decor or any Decor upgrade ideas. You can use garage doors as a wall to separate the exterior of your home from the interior to create a unique flair.Garage doors are often replacing traditional front doors for businesses. 

You might also want to install garage doors in small guest houses that you are looking to convert into a workspace – for this, a steel garage door makes the most sense. garage doors instead of residential front doors can actually create a ton of opportunity for expansion at a low cost, allowing you to easily move furniture into your property without any stress. 

Windows and sectional garage doors provide natural light, and properly installed high quality garage doors provide a very safe space to protect new construction projects from harsh weather or even animals.

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