In this block entry, the garage door installation in California team here at garage door Stars will detail the most important things to know about installing a brand new garage door opener.

 Are you aware that the typical homeowner opens and closes their garage door usually between 3 and 5 times per day? That makes 15,000 opening and closing cycles per year. repetitive garage use will eventually lead to wear and tear. 

New garage door openers Garage door star
New garage door openers Garage door star

This guide will help illustrate the most important things to pay attention to when your garage door is no longer properly functional, and when you’re looking to install a solid replacement for your garage door opener.

It can be difficult to figure out whether you need to repair your garage door opener or replace it totally. Sometimes garage door opener signals might be malfunctioning, and some other times there’s a more serious technical problem with your garage door opener. 

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, causing issues like shaking, or delayed opening, or delayed closing, it might be a good idea to totally replace your garage door opener. We recommend contacting our professional team for all of your garage door opener installation and replacement needs, in order to ensure your safety as well as protect the warranty of any garage door opener system that you already have in place or that you want to install.

Signs that your garage door opener should be replaced include sudden reversal and direction of your garage door, whether you have an older chain drive garage door opener, or whether opening it or closing your garage door takes just way too long of a time. 

Many people don’t even know that their garage door openers have two lower horsepower than the garage door size requires. For example, if your door is 20 in wide, your garage door opener should have at least half horsepower to operate ideally. this is often not the case. 

garage door opener horsepower will determine how quickly your garage door can close. Usually, garage door openers with too much horsepower are much better for garages than garage door openers with two little horsepower. A fantastic way to determine whether your garage door opener is effective is to use a timer to figure out how long the garage door takes to open or close. 

Usually garage doors should lift six to eight inches per second. If your garage door opens or closes as much slower than this, look for a garage door opener motor that has higher levels of horsepower.

 Why is it a good idea to replace your garage door opener?

 Modern garage door openers, especially smart garage door openers, have a wide range of safety and convenience benefits that appeal to many home and business owners today. some of these benefits include enhanced security (operation with unique rolling codes, while older units use identical or similar codes that criminals can exploit) ; 

higher levels of noise reduction that reduces squeaking and squealing; smartphone integration options that allow you to open and close your garage door from anywhere; and such quiet and more efficient belt systems that are far faster, longer-lasting, and superior to older garage door chain technology. 

Why should I only trust a professional to install comma repair, or replace my garage door opener?

 The torsion or tension Springs that garage doors use to minimize weight during the garage door opening and closing process carry a fantastic degree of stored velocity within them. 

When garage door cables or Springs snap or break, they can shoot out with an immense amount of force, which can cause serious damage not only to your garage structure, but actually cause serious or even deadly injury to humans or animals nearby. 

This is why it is incredibly dangerous for amateurs to attempt to repair the garages or garage door openers by themselves. The mechanisms with which garage doors and garage door openers operate are highly technically complex, and even subtle issues can cause serious injury when not detected and professionally repaired as soon as possible, which isn’t always easy for the average Layman to notice. 

Besides the danger in attempting to service your garage door or garage door opener by yourself, a professional can service your garage door with a much higher level of precision, reducing the chances that your garage door garage door opener will be further damaged or even increasingly damaged by amateur repair or installation attempts. 

While one might think that it’s cheaper to repair or install their garage door garage door opener by themselves, it is actually usually much more expensive in the long run, as amateur service attempts usually cause serious damage that warrants further repair services from a professional, or even total replacement of the garage door and garage door installation technology. 

contact garage door Stars today for the highest quality garage door installation in California and garage door repair services in California. We install and service a massive range of garage door openers including modern smart garage door openers, belt drive garage door openers and even your existing chain drive Garage Door openers.

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